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Environmental charities are an excellent way to give back to the earth. They help in protecting the environment and advocating for green practices and legislation. The challenge is on which environmental charity to donate to because most organizations lack integrity. Here is a list of the best environmental charities with integrity.

Natural Resources Defense Council

This group is considered the most powerful environmental group. It has about 1.4 million members. It also has online activists and more than three hundred and fifty lawyers, scientists, and other experts. The group seeks to protect water, land, and air. They also defend endangered species.

Sierra Club Foundation

This organization has charitable environmental programs that promote efforts to educate and empower people. People are enlightened on how to improve and protect the human and natural environment. They focus on preserving wild species from harm. They also aim at averting dependency on fossil fuel.

Union of Concerned Scientists

This is a national network of about 1700 scientists. The scientists who conduct intensive analysis to understand the environment’s pressing problems. They then develop solutions to the problem. They are renowned for environmental advocacy. Their work aims at combating global warming, clean energy solutions, and large scale food production. They play a significant role in green legislation.

Environmental Working Group

They are well known for revealing pesticides with the highest concentrations used in conventionally-grown agricultural produce. They research and spread awareness on sustainable agricultural practices, toxic chemicals, corporate accountability, and consumer product safety. It is a good foundation for those who have a passion for clean food initiatives.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is recognized for its independent certification of rainforest yields. Their products include tea, bananas, coffee, and chocolate. To gain accreditation from this alliance, producers ought to meet their sustainability standards. The charity also works with the tourism industry and foresters in ecologically vulnerable geographic areas.

Ocean Conservancy

The foundation focuses on the health of the oceans. They address ocean restoration, acidification, and oil spill in the Mexican Gulf. They protect the Arctic ecosystem from damage caused by oil and gas exploration as well as shipping.

American Rivers

They protect wild rivers and the wild species they support. They also restore rivers that were damaged. American rivers ensure they conserve clean water for nature and people.