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Although fundraising is undoubtedly one of the most wholesome and helpful activities you can participate in, many people have concerns about charity’s true intention and process. There are many misconceptions about fundraising, as there always is to be expected when money is involved in something. To put minds at ease, we will be debunking some common fundraising myths below, as featured in an article on Give Smart.

Firstly, many people assume that millennials do not give as much money to charity and that organizations should focus on other groups to appeal to. This is entirely untrue. As a matter of fact, according to a recent research study, millennials are actually more inclined to donate than other generations. Because they do not always make as much money as older demographics, the donations may not always be as large, but they are incredibly willing to donate their time and money when and where they can.

Next, due to social media heavily integrating itself into our society and becoming a significant marketing tool of almost every industry, many people might believe that social media is the singular online exposure an organization needs to thrive. Social media is vital, but it is also essential to call your local radio station and newspaper companies. Many people, especially older people, still obtain information from these resources, and it is a fantastic way of optimizing your reach to the public. However, do not assume that people will not be comfortable giving online. This is a common misconception that needs to be cleared; donating funds online is actually the preferred method for smaller donations. Millennials are more likely to donate online than other generations, so it is crucial to keep a donation button available on your organization’s websites.

Some organizers tend to believe that it is inappropriate to ask people for more than one donation in a year. Organizations should avoid developing this mindset. In fact, according to research, many donors will give anywhere from 4-10 times to the specific organization that they choose to support. Fundraising establishments should absolutely encourage monthly giving from donors and ask people multiple times a year for contributions.