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With multiple hurricanes set to hit the US shores, millions of people and families will be displaced by the storms. Some got out with very few belongings, some forced to leave their fur friends behind. It’s essential that during this worldwide pandemic and a hurricane season that many are remaining safe and following social distancing guidelines while also having a disaster plan in effect. 

While many are trying to do everything they can to help deal with this crisis, many are still left in shambles trying to figure out what is best to do for themselves and their families. This can often mean that their fur friends get forgotten in disarray. During this time, shelters try to take as much action as possible, taking in as many animals. During a disaster, The Emergency Animal Rescue Fund tries to take action. 

When you are leaving due to a disaster, contact the hotels where you will find out if they accept pets. If they do, make sure you ask about size and restrictions, the number, and species. However, no pet policy may be waived in an emergency. It is still good to try and keep a list of places that allow pets and make sure you try and make a reservation as quickly as possible. 

You should also try and take a kennel with you and make sure you know of a vet office in the area you are evacuating. In this case, the vet offices may help when it comes to sheltering the pet until you can find accommodations that allow them. 

If you are out of the disaster area and want to help, you can always foster those who have pets who cannot keep them with them due to possible restrictions. Shelters will ultimately help as much as possible, but they can often find themselves being overrun and need help to cushion the blow in times of disaster. 

If you want to help foster an animal that has been displaced, contact the Shelter and Rescue partners that are in your area to see if they need fosters. 

While you may not be in the same city as the disaster, you may help by transporting the animal to you and fostering from your home. Many shelters ask that people take in the adoptable animals while searching for the families of those who have been displaced.