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Many organizations provide help for animal welfare and want to give animals a loving home where they will be the perfect companion for their humans. PAWS/LA works to offer this dedicated and caring home. They also assist families that are low-income, seniors, and disabled peoples to help provide care for their beloved companions. 

The History

PAWS/LA was founded in the 1980s in response to a companion related animal crisis; PAWS was formed to help the residents of Los Angeles that were financially and physically impacted by the HIV/AIDS disease. From then, the organization has vastly expanded to include seniors and low-income individuals, along with those that are impacted by life-threatening illnesses. 

Right now, this organization helps over 1,000 animal guardians and over 1,800 animal companions. 


This organization is sponsored by many amazing groups, including Petco, Healthy Spot, Centinela Feed, City of West Hollywood, and so many more. This organization would not be able to do the work they do without the help of their sponsors and many volunteers. 


PAWS is always looking for amazing volunteers to help out with animals, and even fostering until their family member is on the mend, or until they have found a new forever home. Volunteering can assist others and help many to find a purpose. It can also help you to feel involved and help you to feel like you are connecting with your community. WIth PAWS, you do not need a skill set to volunteer, and they do their best to match you up with a job that will best work for you. You can even volunteer to gain community service hours for your school. 

How Else Can You Help?

Donations can always help change the lives of these animals and their beautiful owners. With many facing financial issues, any monetary donation helps to care for their cute animals. The love and companionship filled by an animal is incomparable. Many people rely on PAWS/LA to help them buy the necessities for their pets, such as veterinary care and pet food. They will always appreciate the help they receive to help their clients. 

All information was provided by the PAWS/LA website. For more information, please visit the link that we have included.